What to Wear

It is unnecessary to pack excessive clothing because a daily laundry services are usually provided daily. Three changes of clothing are adequate as laundry is done regularly. Outer clothes should be dark green or dark khaki. It is acceptable to wear camouflage clothing during the hunt in South Africa.

Our suggested list of clothing:

4 Shirts, 2 long and 2 short sleeved;
2 Long trousers;
2 Walking shorts;
1 Lightweight-hunting jacket;
1 Light to medium down jacket;
1 Lightweight raincoat;
4 Sets underwear;
1 Wool sweater;
1 Sweat or jogging suit;
1 “Boonie” hat or wide brim field hat;
6 Pairs medium weight socks;
2 Pairs walking shoes;
1 Pair lodge slippers;
1 Pair gloves

Note: If you are prone to sore feet, heavier socks and one pair of sturdy hunting boots may be advisable. Whatever your choice, shoe or boot soles should be of rubber without lugs or cleats so that you can move quietly while stalking and tracking game. Dark coloured boots/shoes are recommended, NO WHITE CLOTHING.


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