Booysen Safaris, the very word conjures up an aura of mystery, romance and contrast. Hundreds of thousands of wildebeest still march to the beat of ancient impulse as they sweep back and forth across the vast East African plains in synchrony with the seasons, huge tusked elephants still bath in the waters of the wide Zambezi before it plunges into the chasm at Victoria falls, lions still break the silence of the star filled nights with their roaring in the wooded savannas.

Straddling the tropics, bushy deserts, savannas, forest and the misty highlands of the South and East are the broad bush stokes of Africa with rivers, lakes, snow capped mountains and undulating hills among the finer details, edged along the shores are endless beaches, jagged cliffs, mangrove swamps and coral reefs. Across the diverse canvas of landscapes that is Africa, tread the innumerable animals as wild and ancient as their continent.

Mother Africa the tawny continent lies stretched before you in all its splendor and hope, its future is shrouded in mystery, its past written in legend.

Come with us and feel the rhythm of this land, experience the beauty of its soul, as a visitor to its shores you are ever the adventurer contributing to the future of its wild existence and sharing in a magnificent dream, celebrate with us the exotic splendor that lies just around the next thorn bush or just beyond the next fiery sunrise.

Booysen Safaris is an exclusive safari operator providing hunting safaris and tours in the beauty of this African wilderness.

We hunt in Northern Mocambique on community based projects, the areas are called CHUMA CHATU and cover over 2.2 million acres on three (3) adjoining concessions, we are between the Northern shores of Lake Cahorra Bassa, one of Africa’s greatest men made dams on the Zambezi River, and Zambia to the North. Lake Cahorra Bassa offers some of the best Tiger fishing to be had in Africa. Most of the area is covered by Miombo and Mopani woodland although there are substantial open savannah areas and seasonal wetlands as well as riverine forests along the many rivers and streams, the landscape is scattered with inselbergs and ranges of hill.

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