Tanzania Introduction

Tanzania Hunting Safaris includes Buffalo hunting, plain game hunting and big game hunting and trophy hunting. Our Camps are always located in panoramic spots. We offer an impeccable service and have a well trained friendly staff. You arrive as a Client and leave as a Friend. We hunt in two different parts of the Extreme South: Kilwa district and Temboni Camp. Kilwa is divided into four different areas. We hunt in two of them. South of Tanzania is famous for a heavy tusked Elephant, big Lions and Buffalo. It is an immense and the most remote and wild part of Africa today. A Classic Safari here is a must for any Big Game Hunter. 50% of the population of Lions in Entire Africa is concentrated nowadays in Tanzania. West is home to the best quality trophy Lions. Leopard, Buffalo, Sitatunga, Roan and Sable are plenty and often have excellent trophies. We hunt in three different camps, the choice of which depending on the client's request, time of the year and animals' migration, in order to offer our customer the best safari experience ever.

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