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Hunting Agents

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Our Mission
To assist those who own or control rural landholdings in preserving, enhancing, or planning alternative uses for the properties in their charge. We actively advocate the introduction of outdoor activities and recreational pursuits as a means of sustaining rural traditions while promoting a land stewardship ethic and creating economic value.

Our Philosophy
The preservation of rural lands is wholly reliant upon economic viability. Aligning the client’s interests with the natural resources and amenities of the property, we reveal opportunities that are economically responsible and environmentally sensitive.

Management of Land, Sustainability and  Pride of Ownership . Master Planning and Conservation Easements by 

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Land Acquisitions  and Recreational Land in SW Colorado and the US.

Hunting Consultant (free Booking agent) for North America (ELK) and Booysen Safaris

Real Estate Broker and Site Acquisition for Field Sport .com and Ranches in Sw Colorado

83 animals Harvested with Bow in SCI  and SCI Measurer.  Lifetime  SCI Lifetime RMEF

" The Game is Sacred Respect it as Such."

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